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AGROVOC is a controlled vocabulary covering all areas of interest of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, including food, nutrition, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, scientific and common names of animals and plants, environment, biological notions, techniques of plant cultivation and more.. It is published by FAO and edited by a community of experts.

AGROVOC is an RDF/ SKOS-XL concept scheme, and a Linked Open Data (LOD) set edited by the VocBench tool. It is available in up to 29 languages. The basic notions for a concept scheme are: concepts and terms. Concepts are grouped into 25 broad subject areas. For more information on the structure of the thesaurus and its historical background please consult the thesaurus introduction.

AGROVOC is widely used in specialized libraries as well as digital libraries and repositories to index content and for the purpose of text mining. It is also used as a specialized tagging resource for knowledge and content organization by FAO and other third-party stakeholders.

Use, Share, Contribute

To enable wider re-use and better interoperability the AGROVOC is now available as an SKOS-XL concept scheme, also published as a Linked Open Data (LOD) set By means of LOD, AGROVOC is aligned to several open datasets related to agriculture.

AGROVOC can be accessed in the following ways:

  1. ONLINE : SKOSMOS : Search & browse
  2. File for DOWNLOAD. Two distributions are provided: (a) CORE , which only includes AGROVOC concepts (RDF and NT format), and (b) Linked Open Data (LOD) which includes AGROVOC concepts + links to outside resources (NT and NQ format).
  3. Web Services: SOAP Web services, accessing the RDF version of AGROVOC through the SPARQL endpoint. See . For further technical information about the services, go here. You also may want to look at the WSDL file for the AGROVOC Web Services.
  4. Public SPARQL endpoint, served Allegrograph 4.11. (Since it is a "simple" SPARQL endpoint, to be used inside a browser, a site providing a UI is needed, for example: )
  5. Various ways in which AGROVOC is served: HTTP Dereferenciation: all of AGROVOC URIs are served via HTTP on the Web (i.e. any URI in AGROVOC can be resolved on the web). The resolution of these URIs varies depending on the requested content: usually a web page for Web Browsers and RDF data (available in different formats) for linked data browsers.


If you want to contribute to the AGROVOC Thesaurus please send us your suggestions using the feedback form.


If you wish to be kept informed about general AGROVOC news and the monthly releases, please join the mailing list.


Copyright for AGROVOC content in FAO languages - English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian and Chinese - is with FAO, while content in other languages rests with the institutions that authored it.

AGROVOC thesaurus content in English, Russian, French, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese is licensed under the international Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY IGO 3.0). If you need further assistance or have any questions related, please contact

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